Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break~

So it's spring break and I'm currently at home hehe. I'm actually supposed to be at the mall, but due to some complication I'll have to go tomorrow. Despite the fact that I have ACT on Saturday I'm somewhat enjoying my break so far watching beauty gurus and and reading blogspots~ Off tangent but I recently got my SAT scores and they were'nt that great. But I guess it's okay considering the fact that I was laid back, didn't study that much and seemed to have missed alot from one section. I'll check over it after spring break. But I think I'm okay I think I just bombed one section (that wasn't math) so yeah I think I just did something stupid which ruined my score for a section which then ruined my score for my overall score. Haha it's okay since I'll be taking it again and I'm also taking the ACT this Satuday so maybe I'll magically do better on it haha. Umm my grades are decent and borderline so I need to work harder~ I know I can do it~ I'm also getting closer to God and I'm really happy. Well I'm not sure who's reading, but probably not a lot of people since I just made this today, but if you are HI~ Don't worry since this is my first post I'm just emptying all my stress so I can post more stuff with more pictures and yeah~ Byeee~ ^^
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