Tuesday, June 18, 2013

6/15/13 [The Ortho and Ice Cream]

Okay haha sorry for updating this late. This all actually happened on Saturday but wuteves.

my ootd

First I left home early to go to my cousins house. Haha I haven't seen them in so long, They were all guys except one btw. Despite that it was still nice to see them haha. After some talking and eating some people came so we decided to go haha. Then after that I went to the orthodonist (bleh) to get my braces tightened and fixed and stuff (lol i broke two brackets -.-) and yeah that was just bleh my teeth still hurt... Then after that I went to ToyRus with my brother so he could pick out his birthday present hehe. Then after that we went to Mc Donalds to get some ice cream, haha it's so hot down here in Georgia. Thenn we went to the mall so I could pick out what I was going to wear to a wedding the next day. The dress was really cute and I got it a H&M. (I'll show it to you in my next blog post~ And yeah that's it! sorry it was kinda choppy and short I just wanted to get this out here~ ^^

OH But besides all this I think I've lost a teensy bit of weight but I'm not sure because I haven't checked. Yeah I've been trying to cut down what I eat and stop eating before 8 PM. I've noticed I've changed my eating habits alot though before I would buy packs of junk food and eat them like 12 at midnight and not even care. I guess I felt like it was impossible to put on weight, but how wrong was that. Yeah I hope I can just make this a habit not a diet though. Hopefully I won't put it back on when school starts haha. Well that's it for now bye!!

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