Sunday, September 29, 2013

Upcoming Posts!

Hello my lovely readers. How has your day been? Mine is been spent trying to avoid all college related crap I know I'm going to do by sometime today T.T and watching SmilingSeoul's youtube videos, who's amazing btw hehe. But besides all that nonsense I finally decided to stop being lazy and make an "Upcoming Posts" post! I honestly have so many different korean products and other stuff just waiting to be reviewed. Like a $100+ worth you guys! So yeah I'm making this so I'll actually review them all for you guys! Here the list:
  • Etude House Wonder Pore
  • Etude House Princess Etoinette Makeup Pouch
  • Collective H&M/F21 Collective Haul
  • Polka Dot Messenger Satchel
  • Wallet Phone Case
  • Yesstyle Leather Bookbag
  • Tony Moly Hug Me Deo Tissue
  • Missha All-Around Safe Block Essence Sun SPF 45/PA+++
  • Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist
  • Tony Moly Tomatox Magic Massage Pack
  • BTS ORUL82? Mini Album
  • BTS 2 Cool 4 Skool Single Album 
  • Etude House Dear My Party Nail Bling Bling Nail Polish
  • Etude House Dear My Blooming Lip Talk
  • Etude House Eyelash Secret
  • 1 Day Light Crack- Brown Color Lenses
  • Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil
And there they are, and hopefully I didn't miss anything hehe. I'm planning to do them in the order they are listed, but if you want any done sooner just comment and I'll get right to it! I also have a bunch of samples I haven't even opened so if you guys want me to review those just inform me! Till next time! hugs n kisses!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

LOOK OUT! (Read for more info~)

Hello guys I finally have had time to plan how I'm going to do reviews and clothing hauls and stuff. Haha I'm a senior so yeah that's my excuse ><. But VERY VERY  soon I'm going to be updating like crazy. So look out for it okay guys! This blog is mainly going to have reviews and clothing hauls, etc. so look out! I have so much stuff to show you guys :)). Make sure to check out my giveaway on my tumblr (To join just follow me on bloglovin')! Bye for now, and see you very soon! ^^

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