Friday, December 27, 2013

My Christmas!

Hehe! Hey guys! I hope you guys had a great Christmas and got to spend a lot of time with your family and eating! Because that's what Christmas is all about right! (not the presents T.T) Anyways my Christmas was went pretty okay!

First I opened presents! I actually didn't get a lot this year, basically because I already have a job haha. So I understand why I didn't get much. But I basically got a watch, chocolate and a cute necklace from H&M~

After opening presents we went and ate. I wasn't that hungry so I basically just ate cake, wings, and soda. The cake was pretty yummy!

I also ordered something off! They were having this massive sale and these shoes I'd been eyeing for almost 50 percent off! So I bought them ASAP hehe! Here's a picture below~ They're so perfect! I barely have any shoes with height on them, and actually have a ton of flats. But I'm almost 18 and 5'4 so EVERYONE is taller than me and it sucks! So I'm super glad to have gotten these platforms on sale! They're perfect for church and basically anyway tbh! :D

After that we went to the movies! No where else was open except basically the movies. And I was super surprised because there was a lot of people at the movies. At first we were going to see Madea's Christmas or something but we came late so we had to see Frozen. At first I was pretty okay with it but after I was SOOOO GLAD I WATCHED IT. It was sooooo good. Guys I'm almost 18 and that was honestly one of the best movies I ever seen. Haha it might be because I don't watch movies in the theaters that often but that movie was amazing. I really hope there will be a Frozen 2~

And that's basically how my Christmas went! Those of you who are on break I hope you guys have a great Winter Break! And btw my birthday is near! It's on the 1st <33 Can't wait till then~ Bye-yeom!

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