Wednesday, January 29, 2014

[Review] Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil in Grey Brown

Yay two posts in one day~ Today I will be reviewing Etude House's Drawing Eye Brow Pencil in Grey Brown. I have to say I have been absoutely loving Etude House products because of the cute packaging and the fact that their products actually work and are quite affordable. Etude House's Wonder Pore Freshner is my holy grail toner and I can say that the eye brow pencil is also following suit! I got my in Grey Brown for it looks quite natural on a lot of people and even on my darker skin tone.

Easy to apply
Stays on ALL DAY (I have oily skin!)
Looks super natural
Really cheap ($4-6)
Includes a spooly brush
You can purchase refills
Sold almost everywhere on Ebay, Amazon, Kpoptown, W2Beauty, Cosmetic-Love, you name it
Really cheaply made lol
Lead broke super easily
Since it is retractable you can't really sharpen it

The pros obviously outweighed the cons and I would recommend this product to EVERYONE out there who needs an eyebrow pencil that actually stays on and looks natural. I bought mine on W2Beauty but ordered another one recently off Ebay for $4.24. Now before and after pictures~

Before: Half eyebrows :(((

 Okay as you can see I sadly have half eye brows like Sungyeol from Infinite (cries and shakes head). Yeah so I've always tried to have bangs as much as I could to hide my horrendous eyebrows. And can I also add that my eyebrows are quite uneven like what even. But this eyebrow pencil fixes all of it~ Because of this pencil my eyebrows are finally on point after like 17 years~ I honestly can't rave about this product enough it's literally just the best thing in my life right now guys haha. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to find a brow product as good as this in like forever. And yeah that's it! I usually do my eyebrows quite straight, modeling after the Korean straight brow, and actually learned how to do so through youtube users and stuff. My favorite tutorial was made by OnleeAmore. So if you need guidance just check her out~ Although I didn't wax my eyebrows like she did I basically do everything else she did! And that's it for now bye-yeom! <3

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2014 Sephora Birthday Gift

As many of you might know my birthday was on New Years, which means I'm one of the first people to get Sephora's high end makeup product birthday gift. This year the package includes two Make Up Forever products. You get one Make Up Forever Smoky Extravagent mascara and one Make Up Forever lipstick in "Rouge".

Now onto review~

If you can't tell from the picture above the brush for mascara is really big for a sample size, as least for me. But I guess you can compare it Maybelline full size mascara brushes. Overall I'm really loving this mascara. Although a lot of the product does get stuckin the end of the brush, which is quite annoying, it really makes my eyelashes really long. It's actually kinda better than the It's Real mascara they gave last year, although It's Real looks more natural.

This lipstick is quite nice tbh. It's nice on my darker skin tone and I'm pretty sure it will look good on any skin tone. They did a good job in that category. I apply it on top of my Baby Lips in Cherry Me and I can say the colors are quite similar except the lipstick is more of a darker, richer, and mature color. Now onto the conistency. It's a slightly moisturizing and doesn't enhance the dryness of my lips as many lipsticks do; although I would still moisturizer with a lip balm before application. As you can see in the above picture, the lipstick is somewhat sheer and that was one swatch by the way. But don't worry for it is quite buildable~

And that's it for this review! If you're birthday is near or already passed you can actually still pick up your gift two weeks prior or after your birthday. You just need to register with sephora so you are a beautyinsider. If you shop on Sephora regularly you can actually just add it to your cart and bam you're done. I hope this review was helpful or made you excited to get yours~ Also I really appreciate all of you guy's comments, I really wish I could reply back but my blogeu is being really stupid and won't let me. So I just want to thank you here~ I always check out you guy's blogeus~ <3 That's it for now bye-yeom!

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

My 18th Birthday Dinner+Birthday Haul

Okay this post is mainly going to be a "What I got for my birthday post", haha. My birthday is on January 1st, 1996 making me a New Years bb and 18 years old! I've got to say I've never been so excited to be any other age before. I could go on and on about how great it is to be 18, but that would be a whole other post so not today, haha. My birthday was basically a simple dinner party with a few of my friends and family friends. It was at a Chinese Buffet, and we actually went to see Devil's Due afterwards (which sucked btw just letting you know lol).

Now let's skip to what I got from my friends!

I got this really cute teapot thing from one of my friends. And what I like the best about it is the bible scripture on it, it seems so "me" idk haha. Yeah I don't even wanna use it, it's too cute~ T.T

My next present was two bath and body products and candy canes. Haha my friends know how much I love sweets <3.

This present was one of my favorites because the card sang~ And it had this iron on print thingy I could print onto any shirt I want! Isn't that cute?? Besides the amazing card I also got a subway giftcard~ hehe 

The above picture and pictures below are all pictures from ONE PERSON. Isn't that like fricken amazing?? Yeah she's the best. Seriously, she got my favorite snacks fricken ever and I almost like fell to the ground when I opened it. So much food~ <33 She also gave me other stuff like nail polish, earrings, phone plug, and Mir socks~ 
A cute simple card, guys just wait till you see the card down below. I honestly want to cry anytime I look at ;-;
I didn't include the inside bc too personal. My friend make this card just for me and it's so big and omg it's so perfect. She basically put every single bias in the card and outside whether in the form of their name or a picture. It's absolutely the best gift I've ever received from anyone and I'm really thankful for it! ;-;

That's it for now~ My actually also gave me some beigish pumpish heels but I'm too lazy to post so maybe later? Hehe~ What's the best birthday gift you've ever received? Bye-yeom till next time! ^^

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Friday, January 24, 2014

[Review] ASOS Flatform Shoes and Boyfriend Beanie

Okay today I'm going to reviewing my ASOS order I received a few weeks ago. At the time ASOS was having a sale and I got these items for a pretty good price. I actually had been eyeing the flatforms for a while and when I saw them on sale I snatched them right up, hehe! Anyways let's get started!

 Overall I was satisfied with ASOS shipping and speed. First of all, shipping was absolutely free and took a week. Which I consider pretty decent since I'm pretty sure ASOS is based in Europe. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that my order was badly wrapped. I wish it had come in a box or something much more padded than the material it came in. Now onto the products!

I purchased a yellowish-green-gray (lol) boyfriend beanie and black flatforms. 

I've actually worn the beanie a good several times so I can say it's a pretty nice beanie. It's big enough for me to easily put on and the color is quite nice too. It's more of a greenish slightly yellowish tone in real life. It's also quite soft.
I absoutely love these pair of flatforms. I've been wanting a nice pair of flatforms since like forever and was so happy when I saw these on ASOS. I actually own a pair of white sneaker platforms from H&M, but they ended up being way too big so I hate wearing them because it's so uncomfortable. Although I'm ironically wearing socks with them in this picture, I mainly bought them to wear to church or with dresses/skirts in general. They're quite amazing to be honest. They were originally about $47 but I got them on sale for $28! 


Go with alot of outfits
Neutral color
Give me height
Not that heavy
Adjustable strap

Quite uncomfortably to walk in at first

Hurts my big toe at times

And that's it, stay tuned for a bulk OOTD post or Birthday Haul! Comment down on your favorite ASOS products~ Bye-yeom!

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

My OOTD #1

LOL so much for the next posts I said I was going to make, but I couldn't help it, haha. So am I the only one who loves to look at ootds? I've always wanted to post my ootds up here but was always too lazy. But me no lazy anymore! I hope you enjoy my first ootd~

Date: 1/18/14
  • Knit boyfriend cardigan (F21)
  • Denim dress (H&M)
  • Tights (H&M)
  • Flatforms (Asos) Review soon!

Friday, January 17, 2014

2014 Wishlist: Electronics (mostly)

So I can say 2013 was the year of clothing for me, and not electronics. Although I got an iPad mini and a Samsung S2 it really wasn't a big of a deal to me. Well it was then, but you know what I mean, haha. Anyways as some of you might know I got my first job during the summer of 2013 and was from then on free, as in I could basically buy anything I ever wanted (it's the best feeling ever if you haven't experienced it yet hehe). But yeah I can say I spent a huge amount of money on clothes which is why my wishlist right now is consisting of many (expensive) electronics. Read on to find out more~

  1. Pink/White Nintendo 3DS XL
  2. Pokemon X/Y (Please help me choose~ ;-;)
  3. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  4. Pink Sony VAIO 15.5'' Laptop
  5. Pink Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 
  6. A Canon DSRL (I'm not sure which one I want so please help meh!)
  7. Uggs Classic Short in Chestnut
These were actually in particular order of most to least desired. Hehe I'm actually getting the 3DS XL on my next paycheck so I can't wait for that~ Please help me choose which Pokemon and Canon I should get! ;-;
But mostly please help me choose which Pokemon game I should get~ My next post is most likely going to be my 18th Birthday Party or Beauty products I'm buying in 2014. Until next time, bye-yeom! <3 

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Albums I'm totally buying in 2014

Hi guys! I'm back again with another post! And this time a k-pop post! (ayeeee).
Anyways it always bothered me that I have several INFINITE albums and two Bangtan albums, but none of the other groups that I actually like jdakljdlkas love too. There are so many albums I've been wanting to buy since last year, but never actually bought. The image up there is actually misleading. because I'm actually only buying the B1A4 one up there, the other albums there are just there for the ARTIST's album I want to buy this year. I realize I want to buy all these albums here for different reasons each, which is kind of funny to me aha. Anyways these aren't all the ARTIST's albums I want to buy, I actually want to buy way more than this. These are just the ARTIST's albums I'm mostly likely going to buy this year. And yeah stay tuned for more!

B1A4- Lonely (Gongchan Ver.) B1A4 always has the BEST albums and the BEST songs. I was so upset when I realized when I hadn't purchase ANY OF THEM. So yeah I'm about to preorder that shiz. (OMG THEIR TITLE SONG CAME OUT TODAY)
APINK- I want to buy this album because I really honestly love APINK. They‘re all so down to earth and honestly theyre so adorable and act like real girls. They're also so nice I can't even. Anyways they always act so retarted and goofy and watching their shows makes me laugh and smile. Plus their music is so cute ♥♥♥. Hands down my favorite girl group.
BANGTAN- Okay so I discovered these guys early last year, because my friend kept spazzing about them. I actually knew about them before they debuted but didn't care that much because you know I was in that 'who cares about noobies anymore' mode. But dude when they debuted I almost like.idk died??? This is honestly my favorite group ever. They're so amazing, like they snatched me away from my favorite kpop group ever which used to be Infinite. Anyways I love these guys because they honestly be preaching the truth in their songs. They talk about actual teen struggles such as school and asjsbsk just go check them out.
San-E- I actually legit fell in love with this guy during the Gayo Daejeon thing because of his weird contacts and that rap he did. I just thought he was so hot like what even. Then I listened to the rest of his songs and was like I like this guyy. 
Ailee- If you're into kpop and you haven't heard of Ailee then you obviously aren't into kpop. I'm not trying to start anything but Ailee is the Korean Beyonce forreal. Listen to her Halo cover while you're busy searching her up!
Exo- I honestly hated them at first but tumblr forced me to deal with them. And they actually have nice music to be honest.
Zion-T: Zion-T is more of an R&B/Soul kind of genre guy. I seriously loveeeee his voice. Like legit, it's so amazing y'all.
Got-7: Omg they're debuting soon and JB and JR and that guy with orange hair make me go ksdlajdkl and cry puddles of tears. I liked JJ Project before and was so confused when they just dissapeared, so I'm happy they're back!
Infinite: I was in love with them before BTS and they honestly got me through junior year. Even though BTS got my heart, they still got that special place in my hearteu ;-;.

And that‘s the list! I think it's interesting to see people explain why they like certain kpop groups so I decided to do it~ These were in no particular order btw hehe. Comment down your favorite kpop groups!! And tell me if you like of mine omg! We can be besties forreal <3 That's it for now~ Bye-yeom!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 Weightloss Plan

So I've actually tried to lose weight in the past. But it didn't work that well, because I've basically only maintained my weight. But a few pounds have slipped in there and here. Right now I weigh around 137 pounds and would like to lose 20-30 pounds. A little bit more about my eating habits and patterns:

In the beginning of the freshman year I ate a shit ton. Even in middle school I remember I would go to Walmart or the Dollar Store (lmao) and just buy a crap load of food, and just eat it all in one day. My mom would get mad at me, and tell me to stop haha. Yeah makes sense I gained so much those years. It was mainly probably my summer of sophomore year (going into junior year), where I decided 'nah this can't go on' and decided I was going to lose weight. So I researched A TON. I researched what not to eat, what foods to eat, what drinks to drink, when to eat, when not to eat, etc, etc. So I say I know HOW to lose weight, but I don't apply it as vigorously now as I did that summer. Sadly last year after working at KFC during the summer I picked up my bad eating habits once again. It started out slowly, but I stopped counting my calories and eating whatever I wanted again. But enough about that! I'm here now writing this post, because I'm going to permanently stop these bad habits and apply these good eating habits again for good. 

I'm going to basically summarize all the information I've accumulated during that long junior summer break I had, and tell you guys how I'm going to lose weight and how to lose weight. Keep in mind that if you stick to these routines you will be able to lose weight, especially if you already weight quite a bit. If you do not weight that much right now you'll have to stick to these tips vigorously. Remember that patience is key, and the way to lose weight is not to go off and on, you have to STICK TO IT and make it your lifestyle. Sounds really cliche, but it's true if you make this your lifestyle it wont even be that big of a deal, it'll just be your new way of life. Now enough of me talking leggo~

Diet changes:

  • If you eat junk food STOP *You can minimize it to once a week, then once every two weeks, etc.* I'm personally only going to eat Subway
  • Count your calories! *I can't stress this enough, set a minimum of calories you want to consume daily and stick to it.* (I try to consume no more than 1,200 calrories a day)
  • Stay away from sugary foods, carbs, high-sodium, and processed foods *Eat FRESH* (
  • Don't eat past 8 PM *It is hard for your food to digest after this period*
  • Eat foods with a lot of protein
  • Drink green tea three times a day, then move onto oolong tea when you're body gets used to green tea
  • Eat steadily throughout the day *Don't skip meals*
  • I don't have a lot of healthy food at home that good enough for meals, so I'm going to personally buy my own healthy stash of snacks and foods I can put together to eat for meals.
So I tried to keep it simple, because I know that if this was too long no one would even try (I would't lmao). I put in bold the tips I want to emphasize, and what my personal plans are for this year, and forever lol. I'm not much of a exercise person (I know I won't stick to it too), but sticking to these tips will help you lose weight even without exercise. And that's basically it! Honestly if you do this you'll lose weight, no joke. I'm excited to lose weight this year and hope you are too (if you need to haha). Tell me if you're going to take this tips and lose weight too! I'd like to see your results~ And that's it I hope you I helped! Bye-yeom!

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