Sunday, January 12, 2014

Albums I'm totally buying in 2014

Hi guys! I'm back again with another post! And this time a k-pop post! (ayeeee).
Anyways it always bothered me that I have several INFINITE albums and two Bangtan albums, but none of the other groups that I actually like jdakljdlkas love too. There are so many albums I've been wanting to buy since last year, but never actually bought. The image up there is actually misleading. because I'm actually only buying the B1A4 one up there, the other albums there are just there for the ARTIST's album I want to buy this year. I realize I want to buy all these albums here for different reasons each, which is kind of funny to me aha. Anyways these aren't all the ARTIST's albums I want to buy, I actually want to buy way more than this. These are just the ARTIST's albums I'm mostly likely going to buy this year. And yeah stay tuned for more!

B1A4- Lonely (Gongchan Ver.) B1A4 always has the BEST albums and the BEST songs. I was so upset when I realized when I hadn't purchase ANY OF THEM. So yeah I'm about to preorder that shiz. (OMG THEIR TITLE SONG CAME OUT TODAY)
APINK- I want to buy this album because I really honestly love APINK. They‘re all so down to earth and honestly theyre so adorable and act like real girls. They're also so nice I can't even. Anyways they always act so retarted and goofy and watching their shows makes me laugh and smile. Plus their music is so cute ♥♥♥. Hands down my favorite girl group.
BANGTAN- Okay so I discovered these guys early last year, because my friend kept spazzing about them. I actually knew about them before they debuted but didn't care that much because you know I was in that 'who cares about noobies anymore' mode. But dude when they debuted I almost like.idk died??? This is honestly my favorite group ever. They're so amazing, like they snatched me away from my favorite kpop group ever which used to be Infinite. Anyways I love these guys because they honestly be preaching the truth in their songs. They talk about actual teen struggles such as school and asjsbsk just go check them out.
San-E- I actually legit fell in love with this guy during the Gayo Daejeon thing because of his weird contacts and that rap he did. I just thought he was so hot like what even. Then I listened to the rest of his songs and was like I like this guyy. 
Ailee- If you're into kpop and you haven't heard of Ailee then you obviously aren't into kpop. I'm not trying to start anything but Ailee is the Korean Beyonce forreal. Listen to her Halo cover while you're busy searching her up!
Exo- I honestly hated them at first but tumblr forced me to deal with them. And they actually have nice music to be honest.
Zion-T: Zion-T is more of an R&B/Soul kind of genre guy. I seriously loveeeee his voice. Like legit, it's so amazing y'all.
Got-7: Omg they're debuting soon and JB and JR and that guy with orange hair make me go ksdlajdkl and cry puddles of tears. I liked JJ Project before and was so confused when they just dissapeared, so I'm happy they're back!
Infinite: I was in love with them before BTS and they honestly got me through junior year. Even though BTS got my heart, they still got that special place in my hearteu ;-;.

And that‘s the list! I think it's interesting to see people explain why they like certain kpop groups so I decided to do it~ These were in no particular order btw hehe. Comment down your favorite kpop groups!! And tell me if you like of mine omg! We can be besties forreal <3 That's it for now~ Bye-yeom!

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  1. i love exo so much omg *__* i'd say their album is worth it ^^ and mark is my favorite from got7 half because my friend loves him to bits XD


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