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[My Obsession] ☆ Models and Uljjang Part I

So do you ever just have a moment where you're just like: "Wow I've got a fetish". Well that was me this morning when I downloaded like 500 photos of the model and actor Ahn Jaehyun. Like I'm obsessed! And I realized that I'm not only obsessed with this attractive guy, but have a good amount of actors and uljjang that my eyes enjoy ogling at.

Okay before I go on I know many of you obviously know what a model is, but some of you might not know what an "uljjang" is. "Ulzzang" or more correctly "Uljjang" literally means "best face" in Korean. An Uljjang is a popular South Korean term literally meaning "best face" or "good-looking". Originally used as a slang term, this word in the English lexicon has evolved into describing a person that follows specific style of fashion. Now that was wiki's definition, but an Uljjang basically is a person who yes, does follow a specific style of fashion, but mainly is just a person who posts pictures of themselves online. This might sound shallow, but they do it because they are attractive or other people think so. This sounds even worse but most of Uljjang actually edit their faces and stuff. But despite all this I love uljjang because a lot are actually nice people and are naturally attractive. Uljjang looks and makeup used to be very popular in South Korea, and although South Korea has a very natural trend going on right now, they still implement the "gradient lip" and simple "eye-line" into their makeup today. Okay I didn't mean to go on and on about Uljjang, but I just wanted to give people who know nothing about them some info!

I really love models and uljjang because I think it's so admirable how much effort they put to look the way they do and how much time they probably take to take care of their bodies and faces. I know many of these models have natural beauty, but even if this is the case you still have to put effort to take of your body and make sure your skin is taken care of because you're being shown to thousands of people for goodness sake! I'm just going to show you guys my favorite models and uljjang. It'd be so freaking amazing if we shared the obsession with any of these models, because we could become besties~. And if you don't know any of these models/uljjang go check them out, because they're amazing to look at!

Ahn Jaehyun
Ahn Jaehyun is a South Korean model and actor. So when I first noticed this hottie I was ''wow he is so attractive". I first noticed him on 'A Love From Another Star' (which is a fantabulous k-drama btw) and was so shocked because he looked like a LIL' WOOBIN. Like I was like "OMG KIM WOOBIN'S BROTHER WHAT EVEN!". Yeah and I was wondering why I've never seen this guy before. I then start to take notice of him on tumblr and I'm like "oh it's lil' woobin again!". So I see his name in the tags as "Ahn Jaehyun", and I just know it is time. I searched him up so excited and stuff because I thought I would finally have a Kim Woobin my age, but nope! I found out that he's 26, two years younger than Kim Woobin. And I'm honestly still in shock. What shocked me the most is that I realized I've actually seen him several times before watching 'A Love From Another Star'! He was in K.Will's Please Don't MV and Sistar19's Not Gone Around Any Longer video as well. He was also apparently in the Korean show 'High Society' as well. So I actually have seen him earlier, but never paid attention to him, smh. Anyways he's my latest obsession and I love him to pieces even though he's older than all my biases. <3

Betty Adewole

Betty Adewole is a British model. Guys, I'm in love with this model. She literally like so perfect in the way she looks. If I could look like anyone in this world it would legit be her. She's Nigerian (like me!) and she is just so freaking pretty! I really love her eyes and nose, and like everything basically. She really has nice face porportions. But back to her eyes, I really love them because they're really "chic-like" and she has some aegyo-sal. I just love her she's so classy!

Francisco Lachowski
Even though google always has to help me spell his name, Francisco is a Brazilian fashion model. And may I say he is like the hottest guy ever? Although he's married and has a kid he's still got it. His child is even more attractive them him, haha. Anyways Francisco is always that guy I always saw on tumblr and always thought was attractive, but never did my research. But the day I did, was the greatest day ever--because he's so hot!

Kim Woobin
Can I just say baeeee????? Seriously Kim Woobin is bae. I don't care if he has a model girlfriend or if he's two years older than Ahn Jaehyun, he is bae! I love him so much, omg I sound like such a creepy fangirl. But seriously Kim Woobin is love. He's literally perfect. Like guys I couldn't say that about my other favorite models, but I can say it about Kim Woobin! He's a South Korean model and actor. And he's even better at acting than modeling and it makes me want to cry. I first saw him in White Christmas, but I didn't go cray about him till School 2013. School  2013 was amazing btw, and his acting and bromance in it with Lee Jongsuk was just like made me wanna die inside. That drama and he was amazing. Kim Woobin is also so freaking chill and nice to his fans. Although he looks kinda uptight and mean and oftens play the 'bad boy' in his dramas and movies he's seriously the nicest guy ever. I really want to watch his latest movie Friend 2 and was so mad when it was the day before I had the ACTs, so there was no way I could see bae! Hopefully I can see it soon when I find a link, ugh. Anyways yeah Kim Woobin is bae and will be bae forever. 

And yeah that's it for the model portion! Next is the uljjang portion, because I'm going out soon for Valentine's Day and guess what? I'm finally going to get a pink 3DS XL! Finally guys, I'm so excited. I hope you guys have a nice Valentine's Day and spend it with your significant other or family! Oh btw anytime you guys see brackets around a title that probably means it is going to be a series. For example [K-pop Corner] is a series which I will continue to add onto and do. And yeah that's it, bye guys!

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  1. I love ulzzangs too! Some of my favorites are Song Ahri, Hong Younggi, and Park Hyungseok ^_^ I looove Ahn Jaehyun too and I didn't know Francisco had a kid :O He looks so young! Thank you for sharing these ^_^

  2. nice post! your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3


  3. All so beautiful ^^
    For me my one and only is Yuya Matsushita ^^ Although he is a singer rather than a model ^^

    恵美より ♥


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