Tuesday, March 18, 2014

3DS XL White/Pink Review

Okay so the time has finally come to review this amazing gem~ My pink 3DS XL! I've been wanting this for months now and was so psyched when I went on Target.com and saw it on sale for almost 20 dollars cheaper! I was like YAAAS. Haha so I grabbed that thing the same day. In this post I will be reviewing just the 3DS and maybe have a short review of the Pokemon X as well. I haven't  been playing addictively lately due to school and other stuff, so a more in-depth review will come soon.

Okay so when I first opened up the box and saw the amazing pastel pinkness I was like "woww this is huge". I don't notice it as much right now but honestly it is huge! They don't say 90 percent bigger for no reason. I'm sure you can tell by now, but I also love the color of it as well! The color is amazing and so beautiful. I'm glad I made a trip to Target even thought the car broke down because it was worth it! The pink is hard to find online stores such as Target or Walmart so it was quite a bummer. But yes it was worth it, because once again the color is amazing.

This is a picture of it with the clear case on. The clear case is amazing as well. Easy to install and actually makes my 3DS quite lovely as well. The ebay user also included a screen protector and a cloth for cleaning the screen for only $4. Came within six days also~. You can find it here.
Overall I really love my 3DS XL, mainly because of the size and color. But the material doesn't seem to look the best as compared to the regular 3DS. I mean I trust them regarding the quality, but I'm just throwing this out there. But yeah if you like big consoles that are cutely colored or want to play the latest Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon game I recommend it!
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  1. This is such a nice review!! ^^ It's so pretty despite it's poor quality D: I have the regular 3DS but I actually like this one better only because of the colors and the covers there are for it LOL. My friend code is 1048-9774-3934!! <3
    -Kiyomi xx


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