Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Wishlist

Spring Wishlist
Hello guys! So I'm back with another wishlist post! And this time it's going to be a spring one! Overall I've been craving spring and when it came last Thursday I was like YAAAS. Because quite frankly, the weather down here in Georgia is so unpredictable and it gets quite frustrating at times. Anyways now that spring has sprung I can show you guys my spring wishlist!

If you guys look up you can see that obviously want crop tops, overalls, sunglasses, and a lot pastel things. I also want this shower headband  and mary jane shoes that I couldn't include up there. I'm hoping I can get most of these things during spring break hehe. Comment down below if any of these things are on your spring wish list as well~

And although these aren't exactly the same as the ones up there here are several similar items from above
Jean Dress Overalls
Jean Short Overalls
Crop Tops

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  1. This is a gorgeous wishlist! I love everything~ especially the shoes and the skirt ^^
    -Kiyomi xx

  2. Your list is spot on when it comes to pieces that I still wish to have for spring! :)
    My two top priorities would be the stripe crop top and the denim overalls. *___*


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