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[K-pop Corner] ☆ Lee Michelle- Without You Review

Hi guys, two post in day? Ayeee. Anways I'm here now with another kpop post! You guys seemed to really love my last one with BTS so I'm glad to be doing another one. Today I'm going to be talking about Michelle Lee's new MV. I know I'm late with this, but I honestly don't care. I'm just glad I finally got around watching this MV because it's literally one of the most powerful MVs I have ever watched in my life.

Initial Thoughts:
When I first watched the teaser I was honestly being a little ignorant. I was like why is the little girl making such ugly faces and stuff like that, but despite my initial thoughts I proceeded to watch the full MV anyways. It's starts off with a little mixed girl with beautiful (may I say BEAUTIFUL hair) who's looking at a painting of people of different races and colors. And all of a sudden she starts to run. What from? You'll have to watch the video. But at that point I knew what it was going to be about. It was going to be about Michelle Lee's struggle growing up as a mixed child in South Korea. And also may I add, I somewhat expected Michelle could sing but GUYS THIS GIRL CAN SING. Like dang!

Outcome of MV
I managed to miraculously hold in my tears the first time of watching the MV, but after watching other reactions and watching the MV several more times I couldn't help but cry. Not the omg this is sad cry, but the kind of crying of sympathy and empathy. Yes I said it, empathy. I cried just as much because for empathy of this video as much as did sympathy. I'll explain why later. Anyways the MV was absolutely beautiful, stunningly raw and beautiful. It captured her emotions extremely well and delivered what it had to deliver. I'm honestly happy that Michelle isn't with YG and joined a better company. I honestly think YG couldn't have delivered the MV as good as DIMA Ent. They literally did a perfect job. 

Thoughts/Outlook of MV
Once again the MV was absolutely beautiful and stunning. My heart honestly ached every single time I watched it. The MV did an amazing job showing the struggle Lee Michelle faced growing up in South Korea. I can't even imagine what she went through as a child. The MV, guys I can't even say this enough. But I honestly do not know how the heck they managed to put so much in seven minutes of a MV. They put so much, I feel like I know her whole childhood. It was that powerful. Not only does the video talk about her struggled of a black korean, it also told me something I that I think no one should ever forget, something that everything should know. You're beautiful without anyone. You don't need anyone to make you feel beautiful or make you feel meaningful. All you need is yourself. This kind of ties in with my previous post about self-confidence. And I can't emphasize this enough. You don't need anyone to make you feel beautiful or meaningful. You can be beautiful by yourself. And that's where what I meant by 'empathy' comes in. I think it's targeted for two types of audiences. People with Michelle's situation and people who struggle with low self-esteem. I know what it feels like and this music video made me realize that 'Yes, I am beautiful without anyone. I don't need anyone to make me feel beautiful.'

Will I buy the album?
Yes, I definitely might buy it. Is there one actually, haha? If there is one, I might even buy it over APINK's new album, because this is something you buy and invest in. Just wow guys you don't understand how much my heart aches because of this video. If you haven't watched it please go watch it. Because it should be an eye-opener for some people. I think anyone who struggles with self-confidence should watch it. And that's it for today!

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  1. Thank you for this !! I'll definitely check out their work soon ^^
    -Kiyomi Hayano xx

  2. You perfectly described everything, every emotion I felt whilst watching the video. At first glance I thought it would be a simple MV, but the MV delivers such a strong and powerful message behind those eyes. All her struggles were portrayed in the MV and after finding out how much she has suffered, yet going strong.. I have found a new respect for this woman. Lee Michelle, is without a doubt a source of inspiration and I hope she will continue to walk the path she believes in. <3


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