Wednesday, May 7, 2014

☆ 6 Things That Made Me Happier!

These are just things that personally have affected and changed my life in a super, super positive way.
They're also in no particular order as well~
  1. Yoga: I started doing yoga within my Body Sculpting during my junior year of high school. I'm not currently a senior and I have been in the class for one and a half years. It really has had a positive impact on my life because first of all I am much much much MUCH more calm and definitely more tone and in shape. I honestly know that if I did not take the class I would be much fatter than I am now. I also would be 3x more unhealthy. Overall Body Sculpting is an all in one class of fitness, yoga, and health it's really amazing. I hope I can carry the stuff I learned in this class I enter college because I don't want no freshman 15 ;-;.
  2. K-pop: Haha yeah of course kpop. I got into kpop basically during the end of 8th grade in middle school. It was really crazy amazing when I found it because all my friends were Korean but NEVER talked about it to me. But I mean I understand, I'm a Nigerian teen who doesn't give a crap about Nigerian pop music lmao. So yeah what kpop has done for myself is too much to even put in one post. Let's just say it made life more happier and brighter.
  3. Infinite: I know Infinite goes into the kpop category but Infinite did something kpop itself didn't do. Infinite really just made me happy. Like sometimes you don't know why certain things make you happy, you just know it does. And Infinite is one of those things. During my sophomore junior year I was quite depressed. Like legitimately depressed. It wasn't until I discovered Infinite when I felt happier, and just happy living in general. Infinite made me laugh when nothing else did, watching Sesame Player with them is really a fond memory of mine and I even though I don't talk about Infinite that much I truly do love them and they'll always have a place in my heart. I also really hope to meet them one day c: .
  4. K-dramas: The things I love the most about k-dramas is the female lead. Although it annoys me (and a lot of us) now I used to love the kind of lead that cute and innocent. The kind lead that had the worst shit happen to her but she still was like so calm and chill. I know...random, but that's a quality I've always strived for.
  5. First job: Even though I don't necessarily enjoy my job right now I do enjoy the money I get it. When I first got my paycheck and own card it was the best thing in the world because I could literally buy ANYTHING. 
  6. Tumblr: This site basically was my like home from freshman to junior year. Like I did so many stuff on this website that made me happy such a rant or edit and make gifs/photos. I still love tumblr, but just don't have a lot of time for it as of right now :(.
And that's it! What makes you happy? Comment down below, hehe!

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  1. This is such a cute and nice post! ;u; I've always wanted to try yoga but I never really brought myself to start it ^^; I really should try, though! I agree with the Tumblr thing especially hehe<33 I love this :3
    -Kiyomi xx

  2. It's such a good idea to list the things that make you happy! Tumblr has definitely provided an emotional outlet for me too :D I love kdramas too XD

    btw, I changed my URL!

  3. aww cute post! I really love K-pop and K-dramas too since i was a kid! And im pretty excited to have my first job too, and that's if i graduate next year :)

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