Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cosmetic.Jolse Haul ft. Etude House

Before I get started I just wanted to apologize (once again) for my lack of posts, I literally just graduated four days ago from high school (yeyyy) and it has really been pretty busy for the past legit month (not to mention my whole high school career). But now that I'm a high school graduate and a university student I can say I will probably have more freedom in updating now! Yehet! Haha I'm happy about graduating, but that is a whole other post.

This is my haul from cosmetic.jolse, which I ordered a month ago. Yeah it took a whole month to arrive. But that's my only complaint to be honest, cosmetic.jolse was having an amazing etude house sale and I got these at a good price and a pretty good amount of samples. I didn't purposely choose all etude house, it just happened, haha. I'm quite pleased with these products, and expect reviews soon! And lets get on with this!

Packaged quite well!
My samples- got about two per item I ordered plus a nose strip and oil blotting sheets. ^^~

Packaged so well once again!

Etude House Blotting Paper Pact

Etude House Dear My Darling Tint- Berry Red

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blush- Plum Mousse Cake

Etude House Cotton Puff- I legit bought this because it was cute and I feel bad for always stealing my mom's cotton pads ;-;

And yeah, that's it for this haul! I'll try not to be so much of a perfectionist and post more! ^^ I just want to say this was my first time shopping at cosmetic.jolse and honestly I was disappointed with the shipping service. It took a month to arrive and I had to go to my post office to retrieve my package. And also if I did not get a tracking number I would have been screwed. Let me add my package stayed in California for like three weeks, for a reason I do not know. I'm totally hating, I mean I know it wasn't exactly their fault, for once the package leaves South Korea it's out of their hands but I have just never had such bad experience in shipping from an actual non-ebay store so I was a little disappointed. They had 'okay' customer service, and I would recommend shopping there because of cheap prices, but just get a tracking number if you do. And yeah, that's all--till next time! <3

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